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How Do You Store Your Stamp Collection? I Have Some Great Ideas For You!!

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

We have a passion for collecting stamps among other collectibles and we always have to kind in mind when buying new stamps that we have to store them. Protecting them from moisture, dirt, pests, and greasy or oily hands should be one of the first thoughts you have when collecting stamps. Like other collectibles, stamp collecting have many types of storage styles to keep them safe and sound. In this blog we will show you some of the different styles of storage you can use for your collection. We use many different styles ourselves and find them all to work for all the different types of stamps we collect. Each region will have different needs of storage, from cold climates, dry climates, and wet climates. Which ever climate you live in one of these storage styles should help keep them safe from harm.

We would recommend keeping the temperatures between 65`F and 72`F to keep your stamp collection safe. While keeping the humidity levels between 35% and 55% for a safe environment for your stamps. Avoid exposing your stamps to excessive amounts of natural light to avoid damage to the stamp and possibly fading the stamps colors. Never store your collection directly on the floor. Keep them at least 6" off the floor, so no moisture can be absorbed into the stamps or have any unforeseen accident of some kind like a flood or water damage. Also, we highly recommend never store your stamps in a regular cardboard boxes. Cardboard attracts pests which they tend to eat, chew, and live in these types of material. Some of the storage boxes available today are processed different for long term storage and in turn are made with a different type of cardboard, which we find to work. So when we say cardboard we mean the cardboard box you would use for moving. So we would also like to recommend keeping them in a storage cabinet that is completely safe from those issues. I will also mention, that I keep all my stamp albums laying flat when I store them in my cabinets, not standing upright, to avoid any gaping of the pages which can cause you problems. Giving dirt, bugs and what ever moisture you might have around in your home a place to lay causing serious damage.

We have many kinds of stamps that you can collect, so you'll need different kinds of ways to store your stamps. The following products will give you a perfect way to preserve them in the correct method or style. I have provided some affiliate links for the following items mentioned below if you would like to purchase that item. We have done all the shopping for you and have all the available top products for your review. We hope you will find the right style of stamp storage for you collection.

1.) Stamp Album Books - For Single Stamps, Block Stamps and Sheet Stamps

These Lighthouse Hardcover Stamp Album Stock books are the perfect way to display and protect your stamps. Giving you 64 page capacity (32 pages double sided), black pages with glassine interleaves to keep pages separate and 9 clear strips on each page to slide your stamps into, also with double linen hinged binding which helps in laying the album flat when using. These albums are perfect for keeping them safe from other stamps, keeps them from touching each others edges causing damaging, you as a collector don't want. These stamp albums also will give you a great way to share you collection with others. With each stamp having it's own spot allows you to look through the book and enjoy each stamp for what it offers. Keeping your grease and oils off the stamps which also may cause damage to your stamps. These albums measure at 9" x 12" hardcover in red, blue, green in this style of album. With Lighthouse brand you are getting one of the top manufactures of stamp albums. So you can rest knowing you stamps will be protected with top materials. You can store your plate block stamps in this style album as well. Some sheet stamps will fit this style of album which, gives these style stamp album books a perfect place for most stamp collecting and/or collections. This style album book gives you many pages to design your own way of display and/or storage of your stamp collection. Perfect for the beginner stamp collectors. See the following links for purchase or more detail of these albums.

A.) Lighthouse: Red Album Cover Black Pages:

B.) Lighthouse Blue Album Cover Black Pages:

C.) Lighthouse Green Album Cover Black Pages:

2.) 2 Layer Stack & Carry Plastic Storage Box - Sheet, Block Sheet Sets, Rolls of Stamps

Now these 2 Layer Stackable Plastic Storage Box are a wonderful option for storing your stamp collections. I have many of these stack-able boxes and they work perfect for many things, not just storage for stamps. You can use them for crafts, toys, fishing items, tools, stationery, sewing items or anything you have you want to keep organized. These storage boxes are stackable and you can purchase as many of them as you need and have them all stack on top of each other. Just remove the top lid and stack each and then put the lid on to the top one. Each side has the locking arms to connect each one. Also, it's perfect for laying your stamps flat for best storage position. Label the outside with the name of whats inside to locate the items you are looking for quicker. These boxes come with a locking handle on each side to lock each together. Note, only one box has a lid to it, so when you put them together the bottom of the top box is the lid to the bottom box. It has a carrying handle so you can pick it up and take with you easily. Clear see through sturdy plastic which lets you see what is inside without having to open the boxes. The quality of these boxes will not disappoint. Made with premium PP material, non-toxic, odorless and Eco-friendly. These boxes are not completely airtight but close enough that they should keep your items safe from harm. The dimensions: 14.37 x 10.63 x 7.48 inches

Total size: 36.5x26.5x19.4cm (LxWxH).

Comes in multiple colors. Blue, Green, Purple, Red

Links are provided for the above mentioned product.

A.) Blue:

B.) Green:

C.) Purple:

D.) Red:

3.) Stacking Plastic Organizers - Stamp Rolls, Sheet Stamps, Stamp Supplies

With these style Stacking Plastic Organizers you have individual boxes that stack on each other. Each one comes in a different color so you can color code your collections. Easy to find what you are looking for with this method. You can also put a label on the front for easy location. The organizers comes with locking clamp sides to keep all inside safe. The storage organizers accommodates 12 x 12 paper size, so most of your larger stamp collection sheets will fit perfect in these. We use them for many of the large stamp collections we have and they stay dry, flat and safe. Opens in the front for easy access to your items. Lightweight and made with quality plastic. You can use these for other hobbies, craft, school, scrapbooking, jewelry supplies, fishing gear, what ever you need to store. Exterior measurements: 15-1/4 x 13-1/4 x 3-1/4 inches and you get 5 bins that stack together. Bonus, each Storex Project Box is manufactured in the USA or TAA designated country, not China, and is 100% BPA-free and PVC-free. We feel this is one of the best deals for the money. You get all 5 bins with the purchase which gives you many options for use. Other uses are endless. We hope you will find them as useful as we do and feel confident that you are getting a quality product. Link is provided for the items we are discussing. We also added a link for a single 12x12 Organizer so you can purchase one at a time if needed.

A.) Assorted Colors Stackable Plastic Organizers:

B.) Portable Art & Craft Organizer Plastic Organizer:

4.) Stamp Pages for Three Ring Binder, Professional Pack - Single, Sheet & Block Stamps

These stamp pages are perfect for most style flat sheet, single and block stamps. This set comes with 10 sheets (20 pages) 6 rows on each page. They also offer an assortment of multible size sheets with different combinations of row styles for any kind of stamps you collect. Sheets up to 8 pockets are offered. Giving you an array of different choices of page styles. You can use all the different style sheets for your stamp collections. These Stamp Pages are perfect for a three ring binder. You can use them in any three ring binders you have for a school project or work. It gives you many options for different kinds of three ring binders. Flip through them easily and not damage the stamps. They're have high transparency for easy and clear viewing. With the perfect strength for handling of the sheets. Gives your stamps a effective protection from dust, mites, pests or oily fingers. They are anti-dust, anti-pollution and premium PET. They're 100% Free of acid and chemical softeners that will not harm your stamps. Sheets measure at the outside edges 8-1/2" x 11.0" and the inside pocket measurement is 7.7"/19.7 cm wide and 1.5"/ 4.0cm high. You can rest assure that these will keep your stamps protected and safe. These MUDOR sheets will fit the MUDOR Brand Three Ring Binders. These following links will take you right the products we mentioned above. We feel these are needed for all stamp collectors. Perfect price and quality.

A.) MUDOR 10 Sheets, Stamp Pages for Binder (not included) :

B.) MUDOR Empty Stamp Albums Stockbook Binder with Slipcase:

Well we sure hope you found this blog on How to Store your Stamp Collection useful. We try and bring you the top quality products for your viewing and pleasure. We hope you will find which style storage you need for your projects, stamps, coins, crafts, what ever your desires in one of the above products. We appreciate your time reading and visiting our website. Take care and good luck on your search. We may earn a commission on the above affiliate links. No products have been sponsored or paid for by manufactures or distributors.

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