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Coin Collectors: Cardboard 2x2 Are They Worth It?

Updated: May 7, 2022

Get your Fullcase Coin Holders Cardboard Coin Flips on Amazon here:

If you have not heard of the Fullcase Cardboard 2 x 2 Currency Coin Holders then it's worth taking a look. They are a bargain of a deal of $17.99 and come with the Amazon's Free Prime Delivery.

With thousands of reviews and a 4.5-star average rating, people seem to really agree that these are the best Cardboard 2 x 2 Currency Coin Holders.

But what about the quality of the Cardboard 2x2 Currency Coin Holder products? They're made of high-quality cardboard, crystal clear windows, which offers your coins protection and viewing capability. They come with 400 holders in 8 different assorted sizes. (17.5, 20.5, 23,25,27.5,31.5,35,40mm) Each size has 50 count. Having various sizes truly makes collecting coins fun. Your Cardboard 2x2 Currency Coin Holders will fit many different coins. You will receive holders for large dollar, small dollar, half dollar, quarter, nickel, penny, dime, cents, halves, foreign coins, classic coins, souvenir coins and mini bill commemorative coins. You only receive the coin holders NOT the stapler or coins. The Cardboard 2x2 Currency Coin Holders align up to each side making it hold the coin correct. You can also put these 2x2 flips in the plastic book sleeves. You can write on the holders for the coin information, this is great for keeping your coins organized.

Performance wise I think you will be delighted. I feel this will give you what you need in a good reliable Cardboard 2x2 Currency Coin Holders.

I hope you find this review useful for your decision on buying this product. Good luck on your search and purchase.

Get your Fullcase Cardboard 2x2 Currency Coin Holders here:

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