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2022 Forever Stamps? Do you have what you need? Take a look at these Forever selections!

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

It's always an adventure to head to the post office and see what sheet stamps, books, and collectible stamps they have available. We try and get all the different stamps produced for each year to help build our stamp collection. They come out with many different designs to give everyone something to collect or mail with. Even holidays and special occasion they produce new exciting stamps, from sheets, rolls, and booklets. They even publish commemorative stamps as well for collectors. Your stamp collections can build quickly with all the stamps they come out with each year. Forever Stamps we feel are the best for the money. They will always be worth what ever the postage costs are. Never changes in costs. Giving them a superior value in our eyes. You can use them FOREVER!! We have pulled some of this 2022 years stamps collections for you to check out.

In this blog we will show you some of the 2022 Forever Stamps available from USPS. They have some interesting new styles and designs this year which will make collecting exciting. We hope you will find the design stamps you are looking for. We have provided some links for you to purchase the stamps if you choose.

1.) LOVE 2022 Forever First Class Postage Stamp Sheet of 20 Stamps

The design features graphic illustrations of flowers inspired by old European Folk Art. Twisting vines, with small petaled flowers form an abstract heart shapes. They shower the word LOVE with vines all around and creating some heart shapes on some. Very unique design with lots of "LOVE" was used to create this wonderful stamp. You get 1 Sheet, 20 Stamps. Use them for mailing or collect them for your stamp collection, its great for both things.

2.) Tulips 2022 Forever First Class Postage Stamps 1 Sheet, 20 Stamps

These beautiful Tulips 2022 Forever First Class Stamps are a wonderful addition to your stamp collections. They are designed with the origins as a wildflower in central Asia, tulips are cultivated around the world. Grown in many variations of colors giving the Tulips a wide range of designs and applications. They also come in many sizes, shapes and colors. These stamps give you an array of the different color Tulips available from red, orange, yellow, purple and white. The Forever First Class Stamp will always be equal in value to the current First-Class Mail one-ounce price, which is $0.58 this current year of 2022. These stamps are very similar to the Vintage Tulip Stamps, but created with more vivid color for the Tulips. Created a new and improved Tulips Forever First Class Stamp. Made in USA as well. You can use them for most occasion, holidays, celebrations, invitations, or what ever you are mailing out, these stamps will be a wonderful added design.

3.) 2022 Mountain Flora Flowers Garden, Forever First Class Stamp 1 Booklet , 20 Stamps

These colorful stamps are celebrating the beauty of mountain wildflowers. In this unique design the mountain wildflowers share many common names and even share names with unrelated plants. The scientists are always reclassifying the Botanical names for these type of flowers. The more they learn of the characteristics the more they can reclassify them. Again, these are Forever First Class stamp provided in a Booklet of 20 stamps. Giving you an easy way to use the stamps or display them in your stamp collections. The booklet is perfect for caring them in your briefcase, purse or what ever you carry around and need postage stamps with you. Most common for using for postage mailings. Get your collection of 2022 Mountain Flora Flowers Garden, Forever First Class Mail Stamp Booklet before they are out. They will add a wonderful design to your stamp collection. You can purchase this booklet with the below links.

4.) 2022 Global Forever International Mail African Daisy Postage Stamps 1 Sheet, 10 Stamps

This colorful Global: African Daisy stamp will be a exciting addition to your stamp collections. Love the bright orange African Daisy with the tiny tubular florets surrounded by petal-like florets. These stamps can be used for International First-Class Mail. This stamp has a postage value equivalent to the price of the current single-piece First-Class Mail International. These native of southern Africa, the Osteospermum - African Daisy are available all over the U.S nurseries and will be a wonderful addition to your garden. With these 2022 Global Forever International First Class Mail stamps come in a collection of different style of stamps in the Global Stamp Collection. Every year they have produced a new design and feature a new flower. Collect all of them for a complete collection. Follow this link if you would like to purchase these stamps.

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